Eligibility Screen

This screen displays Legal Server-€™s determination of the case eligibility of the intake. For each criteria users will see a green check if it has passed eligibility or an orange arrow if it has failed. An explanation of why the matter is ineligible will appear just to the right of the symbol. Users are able to override Legal Server-€™s assessment of LSC eligibility but they are required to provide a reason. Users are not able to change the determination of OCLA eligibility.

There are four possible dispositions from which users can select:

  • Accept Case

  • Accept Case and Close

  • Reject

  • Pending

Accepting a case will prompt the User to provide the case acceptance information. Legal Server will default the values of Accepted By, Office, Program, and Caseworker to the user completing the acceptance. The Funding Code will default to the highest ranked from among the list of those that qualify. Just like any other fields, even though they default to certain values they can all be changed by the User. If a User wants to assign a case to another caseworker, he or she can enter some notes in the "Case Accept Assignment Notes" field and send it as an email. Hitting "Continue" will display the case profile.

Choosing "Accept and Close" will prompt the user for the same case acceptance information but will redirect to the case closing screen when the user continues.

Rejecting a case will require a Rejection Reason and a Matters Referral Reporting Code. Selecting "Pending" will simply place the intake on hold until a decision can be made regarding the disposition.