Family/Household Info

Members of a household can be linked to a client in Legal Server either through intake or by clicking the appropriate link on a client's Case Profile page (the link name is controlled by your site administrators, but will usually be "Add household members" or "Edit family information"). In the Family/Household Information screen, enter the information for each family/household member. Click "Save and Add Another" button to continue entering family information. Note that you may have to enable some of these fields on the listview to have them display. See Can I Add a Column or Filter to a List? for more information.

The results will are displayed on the table at the top of that screen. When you have completed each member of the family/household, click the Continue Button.

Editing or Deleting a Family/Household Member's Information

Click the name of the family/household member in the Family Table at top of the screen. A screen will appear with all of their information. Change any fields that are not correct and click the Save Family Member link to edit the information. To Delete the information, click the link that says "Delete this family member" and the information will be deleted.