Financial Information

This screen is where users collect all the financial information about a client. Based on this data Legal Server will calculate the Percentage of Poverty which will determine if the client is income-eligible. Users are able to override the eligibility determination but will be required to add a reason and a note. The Income Override button can be found at the bottom of the page.

The family size of a client is determined by combining the number of individuals under and over 18 years of age in the household.

If "No Income" is selected the page will grey out everything and automatically add a 0 to the amount field. If "Income Not Provided" is selected then they will be marked as not eligible for services.

The frequency multipliers tell Legal Server how often clients earn their income in order to generate an annual total. This ensures that all types of income can be taken into account, including seasonal workers.

Note: The frequency drop-down has several presets that control the multiplier BUT the multiplier, can be changed. This could render the drop-down inaccurate if the multiplier is incorrectly set.

The "Exclude" check box is meant to mark a source of income that should not be used in determining the eligibility.

The Calculator is used to calculate hours per week and the weekly rate.

The "Needs Based Public Assistance" toggle defaults to No. If it is changed to Yes it will hide the asset entry fields.