Creating a New Grant

Using the static grant management tools in LegalServer, you can create a new grant in your system by following these steps:

Depending on your site configuration, you will access the grant management tools either by clicking the Grants Management tab at the top of any page in LegalServer, or by going to the Grant Management page in the Admin tab. Show me more.

  • From the Grant Management page, select Add New Grant from the Actions menu. (In the legacy interface, these links will appear on the righthand side of the screen.)

  • The grant creation form is divided into 6 sections:

  • Fund Information — in this section, there are required fields for the funding code, the source of the grant (which becomes the grant's name in the system), and whether the grant is currently active.

      • There is also a field for listing weight which determines the order that grants are listed in various dropdown menus throughout LegalServer.

  • Case Restrictions — use this setting to make the grant available as a funding code for cases.

    • NOTE: If this setting is not set to "Yes," the grant will not be available even if it matches a filter set for the Case/Matter module. See Managing Grant Filters.

  • Time Restrictions — if this setting is enabled, the grant will be listed as a funding source in timeslips.

  • Outreach Restrictions — this section gives you the ability to make the grant available as a funding source for outreaches.

  • Alerts — this section gives you the option to create an alert that will be sent to a designated set of users when the grant funds fall to a certain level.

    • The users selected to receive the alert will get an e-mail when the grant reaches the threshold funding level.

    • NOTES:

  • When you are finished setting up the new grant, click Continue to save your changes.