Depositing Funds in a Grant and Viewing Fund Activity

LegalServer gives you the option of tracking expenditures under a grant by recording the funds available and viewing the activity on the grant.

  • To deposit funds in a grant, click the name of the grant in the list on the Grant Management page.

  • In the Actions menu, select the Options sub-menu and click the Deposit Funds link.

  • Enter the amount of money deposited and the date it was deposited.

  • To view a list of deposits and the current balance for a grant, go to the Options sub-menu in the Actions menu and click the View Fund Activity link.

  • This page gives you a running list of all deposits to and withdrawals from this grant. By default, the list displays the most recent transactions first.

  • Clicking the Fund Activity User Summary tab on this page will show a summary of the time charged to the grant broken down by users.