Editing Variable Unit Rates

If your agency is using the option to track the funds available on a grant and you need to bill different rates to a grant depending on the staff member entering time on a case, you can select variable unit rate as the billing type for the grant. This page discusses how to set the unit rates for individual staff members.

Depending on your site configuration, you will access the grant management tools either by clicking the Grants Management tab at the top of any page in LegalServer, or by going to the Grant Management page in the Admin tab.

  • Open a grant profile by clicking its name in the list on the Grants Management page.

  • In the Actions menu, select the Options sub-menu and click on Edit Variable Unit Rates.

    • NOTE: If the Edit Variable Unit Rates link is inactive, it means that the billing type is currently set to a different billing type. You can only edit variable unit rates if this is the active billing type.

  • Select a user from the dropdown in the bottom section of the page.

  • Enter the user's rate and effective date.

  • Click Continue to save your changes and add the user's unit rate to the grant.

  • NOTE: Variable unit rate settings for individual users apply only to the grant with which they are associated. As a result, the same user could have different variable unit rates for different grants.

  • To edit a user's rate, just click the edit icon next to the user's name in the list at the top of the page.