Managing Funding Code Contacts

LegalServer gives you the ability to associate contacts with grants for ease of reference. You can even create new contacts right in the grant management tools.

Depending on your site configuration, you will access the grant management tools either by clicking the Grants Management tab at the top of any page in LegalServer, or by going to the Grant Management page in the Admin tab. Show me more.

  • Open the grant profile by clicking on its name in the list of grants on the main grant management page.

  • In the Options submenu of the Actions menu, select the Add Funding Code Contact link. (If your site is still using the legacy interface, this link will appear on the right side of the screen.)

  • In the resulting screen, you can either create a new contact to associate with this grant or search for an existing contact.

  • To add a contact who is already in the system, begin by clicking the Search for Existing Contact button.

  • Enter all or part of the contact's name in the search box and click Search.

    • NOTE: The search is limited to those contacts whose Contact Type is already set to "Funding Code". If your search does not produce the contact you're looking for, before creating a new contact, try to find the contact in the Contacts List and make sure the Contact Type is set properly. This will prevent unnecessarily duplicating contact records for the same person.

  • Select the contact from the search results by clicking the radio button next to the contact's name.

    • If you click Select & Edit, the contact will be added to the grant and the contact's profile will open for you to edit.

      • TIP: If you just want to review the contact's profile without adding the contact to the grant, click on the name in the search results list. This will open the contact's profile. You might want to open the contact's profile in a new browser tab so you don't lose your search results.

    • If you click Select, the contact will be added to the grant and the page will refresh to show the contact in the list at the top of the page.

  • If you have not found a record for the contact you want to add to the grant, you can create a new contact by clicking Create New Contact.

  • Complete the form on the resulting page, entering at least the contact's first and last name.

  • When you're finished, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click Continue.

  • Note on the resulting contact profile page that the Contact Types field is automatically set to Funding Code.

  • After adding a contact to a grant, you can edit the contact's profile by clicking the edit icon next to the contact's name in the list view.

  • If you need to remove a contact from a grant, you can click the delete icon next to the contact's name in the list view.

  • To confirm that you want to remove the contact from the grant, click Yes, continue.

  • NOTE: Removing a contact from a grant does not delete the contact's profile from the system.