Managing Grant Goals

In LegalServer, agencies who have purchased the Advanced Grants Management module have the ability to track performance on a grant by setting periodic goals and tracking individual users' billing against grant goals.

Depending on your site configuration, you will access the grant management tools either by clicking the Grants Management tab at the top of any page in LegalServer, or by going to the Grant Management page in the Admin tab.

Setting a Grant Goal

  • Open the grant profile by clicking on its name in the list of grants on the main grant management page.

  • Click the Edit Base Goals link in the Goals submenu of the Actions menu.

  • Enter an amount and date range for the new goal. The typical duration for a goal is a one year period.

  • Click Continue to save the goal. The page will refresh, and the new grant goal will be listed in the Grant Goal History list view at the bottom of the page.

  • If you return to the grant profile, you will see that the Grant at a Glance now has a little thermometer that displays how much of the goal has been spent so far in the current time period and the date that the goal ends. This will appear whenever there is an active goal on a grant.

Setting User Goals

In addition to setting goals for each grant, grant goals can be set for individuals as well. Individual grant goals indicate how much each user is expected to bill to a grant for each month. Individual grant goals are tied to overall grant goals, so you must first set a grant goal before setting individual goals.

  • Open the grant profile by clicking on its name in the list of grants on the main grant management page.

  • Setting a goal activates additional links in the Goals submenu of the Actions menu that allow you to set user goals and track users' performance on those goals. Begin by clicking the Edit Goal Breakdown link.

  • The resulting page shows a monthly breakdown of the goal. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  • To set a user goal, enter all or part of the user's name in the search box. LegalServer will automatically search for matches. Select the user's name from the search results.

  • When you've added a user goal, the user's name will appear above the search box. To remove a user goal, simply click Remove next to the user's name.

  • When you've finished adding user goals, click Continue to view the monthly goal breakdown for each user. LegalServer automatically distributes the monthly goal equally among the user goals.

    • TIP: You can adjust the monthly amounts for each user goal. Users can have varying amounts per month and different users can have different goals.

  • If user goals were already set for this grant or you add new user goals later, you can check the Recalculate User Amounts box to redistribute the monthly grant goal among the user goals. If this box is checked when you click Continue, LegalServer will distribute the monthly goal equally among all user goals.

    • NOTE: Clicking Continue with the Recalculate User Amounts box checked will replace all the existing values in the user goals monthly breakdowns with an equal distribution of the goal for each user goal. If you have previously adjusted the values for the existing user goals, you probably want to leave this box unchecked and manually distribute the monthly goal amounts among the newly added user goals.

Editing User Goals

  • Open the grant profile by clicking on its name in the list of grants on the main grant management page.

  • To view the list of current user goals, click the Edit User Goals link in the Goals submenu of the Actions menu.

  • Each user goal is listed with a monthly breakdown that can be manually edited.

  • When you are finished, click Continue to save your changes and go to the Goal Summary page.

Viewing User Grant Goals

You can view all of the grant goals associated with an individual user and schedule e-mail delivery of a summary of the user's goals by following these steps:

  • Open the user's profile.

  • In the Actions menu, select the Grant Goals link. (If your site is still using the legacy interface, this link will appear on the right side of the screen.)

    • If you don't see the Grant Goals link in the menu, please contact your site administrator.

  • The Grant Summary page shows all of the user's grant goals for the current period.

  • By default, the summary includes goals for all active grants. You can use the Funding Code filter to limit the display to a particular grant.

  • The Active Grant Dates filter defaults to today's date. To view the user's goals from a different grant goal period, select a different date in the filter.

  • To schedule e-mail delivery of the current period's goal summary to the user, click on the link at the top of the screen.

  • Enter any additional e-mail addresses where you want this user's summary to be sent in the CC field.

  • Select a value from the Day dropdown to determine when and how often the summary will be e-mailed to the user.

    • Note that if you choose "Now," the summary will be e-mailed immediately after you click Continue, but it will not repeat unless you set a day of the week or "Every Day".

  • You can have the summary e-mailed on multiple days of the week by setting up each day separately. In the example, Bob Smith is scheduled to receive a summary of his grant goals on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

  • To change or remove a scheduled e-mail, click on the Edit or Delete link next to the schedule.

  • If you return to the user's grant goal summary page, you will see a list of the user's scheduled e-mail summaries. To edit the scheduled e-mails or add new ones, click the link at the bottom of the list.

The Goal Summary Page

The Goal Summary page gives you a quick overview of the current grant goal. The page consists of 4 main sections:

  • Grant Information/Goal Information — This section shows the basic grant information and the current goal.

  • Goal Chart — This chart shows a monthly breakdown of the grant goal and the actual amount billed to the grant.

  • Grant Goal History — This listview shows all of the goals on the grant. Clicking on a Goal Amount will open the Edit Base Goals page for that goal.

  • Goal Breakdown — This listview displays a monthly breakdown of the current goal.

  • Clicking on a date range in the Goal Breakdown listview will open the Grant Goals by User page, which shows the user goals for that particular period of the goal.