Setting Billing Types

LegalServer gives you the option to track the amount of money available in a grant as well as the amount of money used for a given time period. In order for LegalServer to deduct money from a grants balance, the billing type must be set. This page discusses how to set and edit billing types.

Depending on your site configuration, you will access the grant management tools either by clicking the Grants Management tab at the top of any page in LegalServer, or by going to the Grant Management page in the Admin tab.

  • Open a grant profile by clicking its name in the list on the Grants Management page.

  • In the Actions menu, select the Options sub-menu and click on Change Billing Type .

  • There are three types of billing options:

    • Flat Hourly Rate — deductions are based on the hourly/unit rate (e.g., $100 per hour, $100 is deducted for every hour recorded through timeslips).

    • Variable Hourly Rate — the same as flat hourly rate, except the deduction is based on each staff person's hourly rate, which might vary by individual (e.g., person one hourly rate is $100 per hour and person two hourly rate is $150 per hour, etc.).

      • NOTE: A unit rate is still required for variable unit rate billing. This rate is the default rate. If a staff member has a different billing rate, that rate will override the default rate. See Editing Variable Unit Rates for more information about setting variable unit rates for individual staff members.

    • One Time Flat Fee Per Client — once a timeslip is entered for a client, LegalServer deducts the flat fee. If additional timeslips are entered for the same client thereafter, it will not deduct that amount again.

  • The unit rate indicates the amount of money deducted from the grant for the unit of time. (e.g., $100 per unit rate (hourly)).

  • Each billing type has a "span," or a period of time when it is effective.

    • By default, LegalServer sets the effective date of a billing type span as the date it is entered.

    • Entering a new billing type automatically ends the previous billing type span and starts a new one unless you change the effective dates.

  • Click Continue at the bottom of the page to save the billing type settings.