Grouping Cases Together

LegalServer provides several ways to group, link, or otherwise relate cases together.

Associating Cases: Link multiple cases to the same client. Clicking a client's name (unless disabled by site administrators) shows a list of all cases associated with that client.

Related Cases: A simple linked list that says two or more cases are related. An optional Relationship Type can be selected, and is a list of types defined by site administrators.

Case Bundles: Give a name and shared information view to a group of cases. Bundle records can contain limited information, such as notes, that are not stored directly on the cases in the bundle. Cases can display notes, for example, from just the case, or from the case and the bundle.

Lead and Member Cases: Allows a case to be designated as a "Lead" case, and other cases to be designated as "Member" cases to a Lead case.

Case Title: A simple text field that can be added to the case profile to give any group of cases a common name/description. Searching by Case Title can be enabled in the Search menu.