Obfuscating Demo Site Data

Demo sites can contain real client data, whether entered by staff with access to the demo site, or if a demo site has been refreshed from a live site.

You can have some of the more sensitive data on a demo site obfuscated. To have this done, file a support request from the demo site (Help menu > Support Request). Required language in the Description:

"I authorize LegalServer to obfuscate data on our demo site, and to bill us $500.00."

After we received the support request, we will send an invoice. The obfuscation typically takes place within a week of receiving payment.

Fields that are Obfuscated

First, Middle, and Last names on the person table are anonymized by replacing each with a random value from a list of fictional names.

The person table includes user names, so those are obfuscated. Login/usernames are not changed, so the login credentials for the demo site do not change. Jane Smith, who logs in using jsmith, will still log in using jsmith, but will appear as Vorik Thorfinnsson, or similar.

SSN, A Number, Visa Number, Address 1, Address 2, DOB, and phone number fields are obfuscated.

Note subjects and bodies are obfuscated, as are note draft subjects and bodies.

Activity record notes are obfuscated.

Timeslip Activity Details are obfuscated.

Callback notes are obfuscated.

The "To phone" and "From phone" in SMS logs are set to '555-555-1212. Error message and body text are obfuscated.