Organization Information

By default, a LegalServer installation has a top level navigation tab for Organizations, and all staff users can add and edit these records.

Sites often add organizations they receive referrals from, they refer clients to, courts, law firms pro bono users are associated with, and so on. Organizations can be linked to other records, for example matters (via the Referring Organizations field and the Refer to Outside Organization process), donations, outreaches, etc.

Organization Profile

An organization's profile page shows address and other information about the organization, and typically contains several lists that may be relevant depending on the organization's type. Site administrators can customize the organization profile page, so your site may not have all the lists mentioned.

Organization Cases

A list of cases assigned to users who are, or were, members of the organization. A user's affiliation with an organization has a start date, and an end date if it is not the user's current organization. Only assignments made during the time the user was affiliated with the organization appear in this list.


A list of people (contacts and users) affiliated with the organization. The default filter (Currently Affiliated = Yes) only shows active members.

Referral History

A list of matters referred to the organization, via the "Refer to Outside Organization" link or "Quick Organization Referral" field.

Referring History

A list of matters where the organization was selected in the "Referring Organizations" field.

Practice Groups

An organization can be linked to one or more Practice Groups. An organization's participation at meetings of a group can be recorded via the "Edit Practice Group Events" link. These events are not calendar events in LegalServer.

Site administrators maintain the list of practice groups in Admin > Lookups > Practice Groups.

Parent/Master Organization

An organization can be a parent organization to other organizations. For example, a national organization with subsidiary or related organizations in each state, or a statewide organization that has subsidiary or related organizations in each county or other political subdivision.

Setting the master organization field to Yes will make the organization appear in the "Parent Organization" dropdown list, making it available for selection as the parent for other organizations.

(Site administrators can display parent/child links on a dynamic organization profile using the "Subordinate/Parent Link(s)" block.)