Accounting and Payroll Export

Purpose: Allows exporting time data for a pay period to a CSV file that can be input into an external system.

Cost: $3,500.00 one time setup charge.

Using the Module

This is typically done by running a custom report created by LegalServer staff.

Agency Information LegalServer Needs for Initial Setup

An example CSV file currently used to upload data to the external provider, and the external providers specifications of the columns and rows required.

Required User Information

The process used to create users in LegalServer, and the user profile, must be dynamic. The following fields typically need to be added:

* External Provider File Number

* Overtime Exempt

* Full-Time Employee

* FTE Percentage

Each site must enter and maintain this information.

Lookup Setup

The following lookup lists must be configured to match what is needed in the output to the external provider. Many of these values will already exist.

Timekeeping Activity Types

These are the values users select on timeslips. Each type has a category.

Timekeeping Categories

These are the broad categories of time like Case Activity, Holiday, Personal Leave, Sick, etc.

Timekeeping Subcategories

Typically 3 subcategories of time: Paid Leave Time, Unpaid Leave Time, Work Time

Overtime Type

Exempt or Non-Exempt