AGM Basic Concepts

Basic Concepts in Advanced Grants Management

Funding Codes (Grants)

Grants are also called Funding Codes. Each Grant may have restrictions that prevent it from being assigned to cases (or specific cases based on the case's problem code), services, and/or outreaches. The foundation of AGM is the Grant Record, which is the center (hub) of all funding related data in LegalServer.

Contract Terms (CT)

Contract Terms are also known as Grant Periods. They represent a Grant for a specific time period. For example, the United Way grant (47-UWC) might use the same funding code for 5 years, but behind the scenes, be part of 5 separate similar contracts with terms of one year each.

Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing is a set of processes that examine each Service, modify and create Service Sub-Rows, Distribute time/money to specific CTAs, and Post those services (so that they may not be modified without an accompanying Journal Entry). This processing is done on a Pay Period/Branch basis.

Contract Terms Allocations (CTA)

Contract Term Allocations are also knows as Grant Period Allocations. They are Contract Terms applied to a specific Branch. If Grant X has a Contract Term for 2015, some of the funds may be allocated to Branch Y and some to Branch Z. Branch Allocations are a feature that must be activated separately.