AGM Contract Terms

For every Grant, there can be one or more contract terms. Contract Terms are also known as Grant Periods. They represent a Grant funding source for a specific time period. For example, the United Way grant (47-UWC) might use the same funding code for 5 years, but behind the scenes, be part of 5 separate similar contracts with terms of one year each.

1. A Contract Term must have:

    • Start and End Date (Effective dates of the contract)

    • Amount Awarded

    • Spend Down Amount (Contract Term Allocation)

2. A Contract Term may optionally:

    • Be Amended as necessary (audit trail)

    • Have Contract Term Goals (see below)

3. How Contract Term Spend Down amounts are calculated:

The Spend Down amount for the term is calculated using the timeslips with dates in the Contract Term. Elements AGM considers in this calculation are:

      • Date of Service

      • The Duration (sub-row) of the time record using the contract term

      • Employee Hourly Rate

      • “Chargeable” Time (vs. uncharged time)

4. Goals (Contract Term Goals)

Goals are used to display progress toward your goal for a given contract term. They are entered on the Grant Goal Input Screen.

Example goals:

Case Goals

    • # of Cases Opened

    • # of Cases Closed

    • # of Cases Open During

Time Related Goals

    • Hours Charged

    • All Hours (Charged and Uncharged)

    • Value of Time Charged

    • Value of All Time (Charged and Uncharged)

Outreach Goals

    • Number of Outreaches