AGM Users

Several attributes of Users are involved in AGM.

Hourly Rate

Each user has an hourly rate. Each site can be configured such that a log of each user's hourly rate is maintained. Using this hourly rate block is the preferred method. However, if the site is not so configured, then the single value of their current hourly rate, will be used.


Each user has a Full Time Employment percentage. The FTE percentage block is used to maintain the current value. The eponymous list view can display the information. Do not rely on the FTE Percentage bare field element.

Overtime Exempt/Non-Exempt

Each user is either Overtime Exempt or Overtime Non-Exempt. Generally speaking, workers who are paid by the hour are Non-Exempt and salaried users are Exempt. If the site is not so configured, then the current value of their OT Exempt status, which is stored in the user record, will be used.

Floating Hourly Rate

A floating hourly rate may be used when the number of hours covered by staff salary varies for each pay period, but the salary is the same. In this case, employee’s regular hourly rates will also vary for each pay period so that the hourly rate times the hours worked will equal the salary.

Note: The four features listed above need to be enabled by LegalServer.