Calendar Export Format

Purpose: Configure the iCal Feed in your External Calendars with specific field arrangements

Cost: TBD. This feature is in Beta.


To enable, please file a ticket from your site.

Once it is enabled, you will likely have to go into User Role Permissions and give your Administrators access to the Calendar Export Configuration. As a new permission, it is not enabled by default for sites.

Then go to Admin -> Calendar Export Format to modify the settings.

iCal formatting fields are limited for general compatibility. The initial setup matches how the iCal formatting is when this feature is not enabled.

The key element here is that you can rearrange the data in the Description. You can force things onto new lines, omit null data, and add multiple You can have multiple rows of additional data in the event description. The list of fields available is static and Custom Fields are NOT available. The list includes:

  • All Day Event

  • Attendee Roles

  • Court

  • Courtroom

  • Creating Process

  • Event Cases

  • Event Notes

  • Event Outreaches

  • Event Pending Case Transfers

  • Event Project

  • Event Title

  • Event Type

  • Front Desk Item

  • Intake Type

  • Judge

  • Location

  • Meeting Block

  • Office

  • Office Appointment

  • Private Event

  • Program

  • Scheduled By

  • Task