Case Bundles - Admin Setup

This page provides details for site administrators setting up Case Bundles.

Help on using Case Bundles.

Start Up

Give your role the permissions listed below so you can get to the main bundle page to start.

After doing that, put "/bundle" at the end of your site's URL to see the main bundle page. Example:

Bundle Processes, Forms, and Profile

Add and edit these objects on the Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles page with the module set to Bundle at the top of the page.

Bundle Profile

  • Use "New Bundle Profile" to create a dynamic profile.

  • Start with a simple profile. Add the "Bundle Label" field, and "Bundle Cases/Matters" list view.

  • You will return later to add a Custom Link Box side/action element.

Add/Edit Form

  • Use "New Bundle Create Form" to start creating an "add/edit" form.

  • Select both "Bundle Create" and "Bundle Aux" in Process Types.

  • Minimum Form Elements: "Bundle Label" field and the "Add Cases/Matters to Bundle" block.

Add/Edit Processes

  • Use "New Bundle Create Process" to create a create process, enabling your form from above, and your shiny dynamic profile as the FollowUp Profile.

  • Use "New Bundle Aux Process" to create the "edit" process, enabling the same form from above.

Bundle Profile Actions Menu

Return to your Bundle Profile and add a Custom Link Box side/action element to the profile. Select your "edit bundle" process.

Matter/Case Processes, Forms, and Profile

Add and edit these objects on the Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profile page with module set to Case/Matter at the top of the page.


  • Add the "Add to Case Bundle" block to the Main Profile and desired profile views (if any).

  • Don't select any Editable Dispositions in the block configuration. You can, but it won't do anything, so why bother.

  • This allows users to see any bundles a case is part of, and the other cases in those bundles.

  • Also provides a "Remove" link for each bundle a case is part of.

Auxiliary Process and Form for Adding a Case to a Bundle

  • This is optional, but probably desirable. It will allow users to add a case to an existing bundle, or to a bundle they create.

  • Use "New Aux Form" to create a form and process (say "Yes" to "Create New Process Containing This Form").

  • Form Element: "Add to Case Bundle" block. Header, Instruction, etc. if desired.

  • Add the new process to the Actions menu as desired - typically in a Menu Boxes element - sometimes directly on the Main Profile.

Process Settings

On the Admin > Process Settings page, scroll, scroll, scroll until you see the "Bundle Settings" section, wherein you specify your processes created above.

User Role Permissions

On the Admin > User Roles page, grant permissions as desired to the desired roles:

  • Bundles - Add a Case (typically given to most users)

  • Bundles - Remove a Case (typically given to most users)

  • Bundles - View Bundles (the main /bundle page)

  • Case Bundles (in Viewable Navigation Tabs)

Optional Processes for Storing Information on Bundle Records

By default, a bundle record is simply a Label field, and a collection of case numbers.

Sites can choose to store Information on the Bundle Itself.

Bundle records can contain:

  • Custom fields

  • Documents

  • Calendar Events

  • Family Member/Non-Adverse Parties

NB: If you decide to later remove cases from the bundle, the data stored on the bundle record stays with the bundle and will not be visible from the unbundled cases.

You must create an auxiliary process and form for each additional type of record you want to store on bundles, and add corresponding links on the Bundle Profile's Actions menu.

Custom fields are created and displayed in the same way as for matters, timeslips, etc.