Creating a Communication

Creating a communication begins by clicking on the admin tab followed by the 'Communication' link. The communication log lists all the communications that have been sent and can be filtered by date.

To begin the process of creating a communication, click on the 'Create Communication' link.

The first step of the process requires that users name the communication. There is a field just below that for any notes about the communication. Users will have to select the source of the data that will be placed in the communication. The type, or method, of communication must be chosen. If 'Email Template' is selected, a drop-down will appear with a list of available templates. These templates are created in the Document Center. More information can be found on creating document templates in the help section entitled 'Creating a New Document Template'. If the communication is an email or a general note a text box will appear for users to type their message. There is also an option to generate a contact list that will be exported to Excel for a mail merge. Finally the communication date will default to the current day but can be changed by the user.