Selecting Contacts

Once the filters and columns have been chosen for a communication, the contacts that are going to receiving the message need to be selected. This is done using the check boxes found at the right of each record. The list can be narrowed down using the 'Show Filters' link which will display the filters chosen in the previous step. To add or remove filters, users must return to the previous step.

It's important to note that clicking the box at the top of the 'Send?' column to select all contacts will select only the contacts listed on the current page. If there are multiple pages of contacts, users can either view those pages one at a time and select the names, or use the 'Show All" link to display all the contacts at once before clicking on 'Select All'. Once all the contacts have been chosen, clicking 'Continue' will move to the next step where users can preview who will receive the communication before it is sent.