Contract Attorneys

Purpose: Allows an agency to track payments to contract attorneys on individual cases. Allocations per case can be made, and payment information entered on timeslips that store an invoice number, check number, rate, amount, etc.

Cost: $3,500.00 one-time setup fee.

Assigning Cases to the "Contract Attorney" Program

Contract attorney information will only appear for cases assigned to the "Contract Attorney" program. When a case is being assigned to that program, additional fields regarding an initial allocation are displayed. In this example, the Bankruptcy problem code has been configured with a default allocation that the user can change:

Assigning Users to Contract Attorney Cases

A timeslip can be recorded for a contract attorney on a case without that user being assigned to the case. However, having the user assigned to the case makes user selection easier. An agency may also want to track the assignments themselves, independently of the timeslips.

Recording Time for a Contract Attorney

Pro bono timeslips on cases assigned to the Contract program include a "Contract Attorney" Yes/No field. If the user entering the timeslip selects Yes, several additional fields appear:

Contract Attorney Information on Cases

Contract attorney cases may have an action menu "Add/Edit Contract Information" link (for users with appropriate permission). The link displays a page with any existing contract attorney records entered on the case and fields for allocation amounts.

Site administrators: This link is displayed by a side/action element called "Add/Edit Contract Information".

Viewing Contract Attorney Information for Multiple Cases

Users with the appropriate permission will see a "Contract Attorney Report" link in the action menue of the main Timekeeping page. This link displays a filterable list of cases assigned to the Contract program:

Administrator Setup

User Role Permissions

  • Go to User Roles (Permissions) in the Admin tab.

    • Select the Administrator user role (or any other role who will administer this tool).

  • Check the boxes next to Edit Contract Attorney Information.

  • Click Continue in the lower right corner to save your changes.

Additional User Role Permission

The links on cases and the main timekeeping page will only appear for users whose role includes the "Edit Contract Attorney Information" permission. The contract attorneys themselves do not need this permission (unless they login and record their own time). Administrators set the permission per role on the Admin > User Roles (Permissions) page. See: User Roles and Permissions

Users - Contract attorneys are pro bono users, and therefore need the Advocate/User Type "Pro Bono Advocate". Administrators set the type on each user's profile page. See: User Accounts

Edit Contract Attorney Settings

  • Click on the Admin tab at the top of the page.

  • search for Contract Attorney in the search bar on the Admin tab.

  • Select Contract Attorney Settings to configure the default pay of the contract attorney as well as the default allocation amount per case.

The Admin / Contract Attorney Settings page allows administrators to set a default hourly rate, default base allocation, and set a base allocation for each problem code. The default base allocation is how much money is allocated per case by default. This allocation can be adjusted for specific problem codes.

Edit Lookups

  • Go to Process Management in the Admin tab.

    • Select Lookups to add and edit lookup information

  • Add the values to the following lookups:

Advocate Type - An optional "Contract Attorney" value.

Assignment Type - An optional "Contract Attorney" value.

Programs - The system "Contract " lookup value must be active (PSTI staff enable this).

See: Lookup Lists

Additional Blocks and Forms

Add the Contract Attorney block to the Pro Bono Advocate Case Timeslip.

Add the Add/Edit Contract Information element to the Actions menu.

See: Process Management for details about profile elements.

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