Custodial Status

Purpose: Allows recording structured custody information on a case in a Custodial Status record. A case can have multiple Custodial Status records.

Cost: There is no cost for this module. To use it, you create a dynamic form and process and use the two elements shown below (Custodial Status Changes List View and Custodial Status Block).

Custodial Status Changes List View

The custodial status changes list view allows you to track custodial changes throughout the lifecycle of a case and can be placed on the main profile of a case, or placed on an auxiliary form. Each status can be edited directly from the list view.

The Custodial Status Changes list view allows you to display the following columns:

  • Custodial Status

  • Status Change Date

  • Status End Date

  • Related Charges

  • Institution

You can also select the Add/Edit Process for the "+" button if you place the listview on a case profile.

Custodial Status Block

The custodial status blocks allows for the adding, or editing, of a custodial status. The Custodial Status lookup is a system lookup and available to modify the values to match the needs of your organization. The “Related Charges” field values are based on charges added to a case through the Add Charges block in a separate process.


    • Default prior custodial status end date to 1 date before a new custodial status (useful when tracking when/where status changes)

    • Require (or not) related charges

Note: In order to associate an organization with a custodial status it must be designated as an “Institutional Organization” organization type to appear in the institution search field.


Case Data > Custodial Status subtable.