Purpose: Link LegalServer Cases to Documate to generate specific documents from LegalServer data.

Cost: $2500 one time pus $50 per month. This feature is in Beta.

Documate serves as a no-code document automation platform. Your organization will need to have a Documate account and workflows configured in Documate.

End User Experience

There is a new block available on a Case Profile. This acts much like the Recommended Documents Listview with the ability to filter based on Legal Problem Code, Special Legal Problem Code, County, and Language.

Clicking on the Document title opens a popup with a link to kick off the workflow in a new tab.

Alternatively, there is a Documate Packet Generation block that is available when you want to trigger a specific Documate workflow at a given time.

Admin Configuration

Documate Settings

Under Admin -> Documate Settings there is a place to indicate your Documate subdomain and an API key. Documate has directions for how to generate an API Key here although we’d recommend naming it something more like “LegalServer Integration Key”.

There also is a listview of all the workflows available in Documate

Clicking on the icon in the top right will refetch the latest workflows from Documate.

Clicking the title of the Workflow brings up a Documate profile.

Note that the last field is a list of all the variables in Documate followed by the field they are mapped to from LegalServer. If you go to Admin -> Edit this Document, you’ll be able to modify what is available here and map specific fields to Documate variables. Most of these fields are similar to the Document Template Profile, however the Review Answers field is unique to Documate. This passes a message to skip the Documate review page and generate the document when complete. Per Documate’s Documentation if this is set to True:

  • If all required workflow variables are present in the request, the link will present the document download page

  • If all required workflow variables are not present in the request, the link will prompt for the missing data and skip the review page, directing to the document download page when missing values are entered.

  • Setting Review Answers to true will skip the review page in all cases, even where you are directed to enter additional data in the Documate workflow.

The mapping of individual fields occurs on a question by question basis. When you select the question (Documate variable), the source fields will be limited based on the question type. For example, a number field in Documate can be mapped to a number field from LegalServer, but not a text field from LegalServer. You also have the option of selecting Literal values which are typed in specifically. A Multiselect in LegalServer can only be mapped to a Multiselect in Documate.

You do not have to map every required variable in your Documate workflow. If you do not map them all, you will get a validation warning that some required variables were not mapped. If you then scroll below the mapping, there is a checkbox to select to override the validation.

Repeating Variables

Repeating items can be mapped to subtables within LegalServer. Several subtables have been made available for Documate. The data is typically fairly raw in the options available and it may call for some additional testing to be sure you are pulling the correct variable.

Existing subtables available include:

  • Adverse Party

  • Arrests

  • Assets

  • Assignment

  • Charges

  • Custodial Status

  • Events

  • Expenses

  • Family

  • Income

  • Litigation

  • Notes

  • Sentences

  • Services/Phases

  • Tasks/Deadlines

Once you've selected a subtable to send, there is no ability to filter that subtable. You can do that in Documate by filtering for specific data in the repeating item. See Documate's Help site for examples.

Documate Document Generation Block

This block allows you to select just one given Documate Workflow to be generated. When this is triggered, you currently get redirected immediately to the Documate Generation static form to trigger the given workflow on the case.

Documate Workflow Suggestions

To have the documents automatically returned to LegalServer, create an email variable in your Documate workflow of “legalserver_case_email”. Then when you are configuring the Output Documents in Documate select “Send finalized documents to email address:” and pick that variable.

On the LegalServer side, when you go to map the “legalserver_case_email” variable, pick the “Case Email” field.

Documate Log

For troubleshooting purposes, there is a Documate API Log where you can review the API calls made to Documate and the responses. This is available at Admin -> Documate API Log.

Documate Permissions

There are three user role permissions created for the Documate integration:

  • Documate - API Log - This exposes the Documate API log for review.

  • Edit Documate Templates - for any user role that should be able to configure and map the Document Templates.

  • Generate Documate Templates - for any user role that should be able generate documents from a case.

Known Issues/Future Fixes

  • As of 2022-11-09, Documate currently has a bug where they will not accept repeating items.

  • LS-91068 - warnings when the field type is changed in Documate and the LS field type no longer matches

  • LS-95417 - Fix the Documate Modal

  • LS-95399 - Imrove Load Time

  • Documate will be adding header support to their webhook configuration. Once that is done, LegalServer will explore a webhook to receive the generated documents.