External Forms - Retainer Example

A question was posted to the siteadmins mailing list asking how to get the scope and other information into a retainer that you send to a client via an external form.

Tim Smith graciously posted his method, and said we could reproduce here as an example.


You create an auxiliary form (and process) for your staff to use internally that has the fields on it that need to be filled in by your staff (you may need to create these fields if you do not already input that information into LegalServer). The staff would pull up the aux form and input the information before they send the form to the client to review. On the external form, you place the same field in the appropriate place on the form. (You may need to use multiple instruction blocks surrounding the field to make the placement work out correctly).

Here are some screenshots:

Aux form for staff to fill out – called “Internal Retainer Agreement”

Here is what the form looks like in LegalServer:

External Aux Form Example – our Retainer Agreement – Has static info, scope of representation field, then more static info:

Here is what the client sees: