Financial Snapshots

Purpose: Allows capturing periodic information about someone's income and how it might change through the life of the case.

LegalServer already captures both the Initial Monthly Income and the Initial Percentage of Poverty during intake for a similar purpose (e.g., seeing if the initial income has changed). However, this module was necessary so that you could see multiple instances of income and how it may have changed over time.

Cost: One-time setup fee of $1,200.00.

Financial Snapshot Block: The Financial Snapshot tool is based on a block which can be set on income pages (e.g., intake or auxiliary forms). Although the user will not see the block (the tool is hidden), placing this block on specific pages will record the financial data being saved at that moment. Financial Data includes Income, Expenses and Additional Assistance. It does not include Assets.

Financial Snapshot Types and the Forms You Want the Block On:

  1. Initial: The Financial Snapshot Block should be on the Disposition form at the end of the intake process, or processes if you have multiple intake processes that use different Disposition forms. Set the type to Initial — this lets you know that it is the first (initial) snapshot taken for a case.

  2. Interim: This is optional, but typically you place this block on your "Edit Financial Information" auxiliary form(s), set to "Interim". Doing this will take an interim snapshot each time someone submits the auxiliary form(s).

  3. Periodic: If a financial page configured as above in #2 is not saved for a period of one month, LegalServer will automatically take a Financial Snapshot of this type. You do not need to configure anything for this to happen.

  4. Closing: The Financial Snapshot Block should also be on your Close Case form(s). Set the type to Closing to record a snapshot at the end of the case.

Financial Snapshot List on Case Profile(s): You typically want to put the "Financial Snapshot List" block on any case profiles. It displays a list showing all of the Financial Snapshots (records) that have been taken in a given case, including the date of the update, the snapshot type, percentage of poverty and adjusted percentage of poverty can be displayed on the main profile. (The element used is the Financial Snapshot block, not a list view element).

Financial Snapshot Details: By clicking the Details link in the Financial Snapshot List, you will get a summary page showing information about a particular snapshot.

Editing a Financial Snapshot: You can edit a given Financial Snapshot record by clicking the Edit link at the top of the Summary Page.

Financial Snapshot Reports

Reports based on the top level Case Data table contain two sub-tables that provide access to the relevant fields: Financial Snapshot (Multiple Rows Per Case) and Financial Snapshot (One Row Per Case).