GIS - Geocoding Addresses

Purpose: The GIS (Geographic Information System) module provides address validation and automatically populates political boundary fields like legislative districts based on valid, geocoded addresses.

Cost: $3,500 one time setup fee. Includes congressional district, state upper and lower districts (if the state legislature is not unicameral), and census tract.

Batch Geocoding Existing Addresses

Batch validation and geocoding of existing addresses is $750 per year (cases opened on after 1/1/2012 would be 4 years ($3,000) in 2016, for example).

Additional Boundaries

Adding additional political boundaries may be possible.

We need the following to determine if a boundary can be added:

1. An example address and link to an online mapping tool that determines the desired boundary for that address.

2. A link to the publically accessible source of the data (the shapefile).

3. The SRID of the shapefile.

We typically charge $750 to determine if a boundary can be added, and to provide a firm quote of the cost to add it. Contact with the above information if you want an estimate, or if you have any questions.

The cost to setup a given political boundary can vary wildly depending on the quality of the shapefile data. Expect at least $1,500 per political boundary.

Updating Existing Additional Boundaries

If you have additional political boundaries on your site and the shapefile changes, it is typically $750 to have the new shapefile processed. File a support request from your site with a link to the new shapefile.


Enabling the GIS module adds additional features to the Address block in LegalServer (this module does not work with the Address Extended block):

Address Validation. Addresses are validated using the USPS or comparable API.

Geocoding addresses. After an address is validated, it is run against a geocoding database to get a specific geocode (longitude and latitude location), which is stored with the address. If a specific geocode cannot be determined, it is run against an external geocoding database to see if it can return a valid geocode. If that fails, it returns a message that the address is not geocoded.

Boundary fields are set. If a geocode can be obtained for an address, congressional district and state upper and lower district political boundary fields are set. Additional boundary fields can be added at additional cost if valid geocoded "shape" files are available.

Sample screenshot of the Address block with GIS enabled:


The location of the boundary tables varies.

Case Data

  • Congressional District [Lookup]

  • State Legislature District Lower [Lookup]

  • State Legislature District Upper [Lookup]

Case Data > Person > Primary Home Address > Address

  • Census Tract [Lookup]

  • Other boundaries like City Council, Police District, etc. are often here.

Case Data > Extended Matter Fields

  • This subtable is not on all sites, but some have boundary tables hiding in here.