GIS Mapping Module

This module can be used to demonstrate the density of services rendered in a geopolitical boundary.

When enabled, Area Map will be available as an Additional Display Format in reports.

Most shapes collected by the GIS module can be displayed in the map, such as census tract, county of residence, county of dispute, and congressional district.

There is no cost for this module, but it must be enabled by PSTI (contact, and it requires the GIS - Geocoding Addresses module.

Case Counts for Mapping

Note that the LegalServer maps tool displays counted case results. Create a case count column that has a '1' in it for each row. That can be done by adding the New Literal Numeric Field and entering a '1' in the expression box. The map needs something to count, and typically that is one unit per returned case. One could also use another numeric value like household members.

Adding Columns of Geocoded Information

Typically the address geocoded is the client's primary home address. Columns for that data are found under Person-> Primary Home Address.