HUD ARM Electronic Reporting

Purpose: Provide the ability to collect and electronically report data from LegalServer to HUD ARM (Agency Reporting Module). This includes the HUD 9902 aggregate data, agency level data, and case level data, on counseling services.

Cost: $4,200.00 one-time setup fee, and $150/month.


Recording and submitting data to HUD involves four steps:

  1. Collecting case level data for the HUD 9902 report, such as gender, ethnicity, and counseling information.

  2. Entering agency level data for the HUD 9902 report, such as gender, ethnicity, and counseling information.

  3. Reviewing data to be submitted using LegalServer’s Review Cases to be Reported tool

  4. Transmitting to HUD from Legalserver

See Configuring the HUD Arm Module for more information.

Case Level Data

LegalServer provides the fields needed to collect case level data, including calculating the AMI Category (Area Median Income) for a case (assuming income information and the client's county of residence has been entered). See Configuring the HUD ARM Module for information on setting this up.

Agency Level Data Setup and Submission

Agency level data is setup on the Admin page in LegalServer using the links in the HUD Data section:

  • Agency Contacts

  • Agency Counselors

  • Agency Data

  • Agency-wide Defaults

  • HUD Settings

  • Review Cases to be Reported

  • Review Form 9902

  • Transmit Data to HUD


LegalServer has an "Administrate HUD" permission in Admin/User Roles (Permissions) that controls whether a user sees the above links on the Admin page. This permission is "off" (unchecked) by default.

Report Period

The data displayed on several of these pages and that will ultimately be transmitted to HUD is based on Report Period. Selecting a Report Period will return information based on cases that have the HUD Eligible field set to Yes, and that were open during the report period.

Agency Contacts

This page displays a list of agency contacts, if any, and provides links to edit or delete existing contacts and add new contacts. HUD requires at least three contacts with three different types. Each contact has three required fields:

  1. "Contact". A dropdown list of users.

  2. "Type of agency personnel". This is a lookup field controlled by the "Hud Arm Agency Contact Type" in Admin/Lookups.

  3. "Agency contact business title". This is a lookup field controlled by the "Hud Arm Agency Contact Title" in Admin/Lookups.

Note: These lookup values must be the same as the currently accepted HUD values

Agency Counselors

The Agency Counselors page initially displays a list of all active and current users. The list can be filtered by several fields, including Report Period. Selecting a Report Period filter will limit the list to users who are primary assignments on cases eligible to be reported.

The list displays each user's name, whether the user's data is complete for reporting purposes, and an Edit link to review and update the information.

The required fields for counselors are First Name, Last Name, and Start Date (at agency). This information is automatically pulled from the user's profile if it exists.

Note: HUD Counselor ID is not required. However, only cases assigned to Certified Counselors will be pulled for the report. Only those counselors with a HUD Counselor ID are considered “Certified” for the report.

Agency Data

The Agency Data page lists several fields such as Agency Name Used in HCS, Tax Identification Number, address fields, etc.

Each field will display the existing value or "N/A". "N/A" in red text indicates a required field. Required fields must contain information or validation will fail. Each field will have a Replace, Add, or Clear button to edit the information.

Agency-wide Defaults

This page lists one Agency default that can be set: “Indicator of whether or not case/matter is to be reported on 9902”. This allows you to set a default value for whether the case should be reported to HUD.

HUD Settings

The Admin / HUD Settings page allows the agency to enter its HUD Login and Password. Agencies can check their login and password on the following HUD site: Note that HUD periodically changes agency passwords.

This page also has the "Select Clients That Were" dropdown, where an agency can decide if the cases it reports are those that were: Opened During the Timeframe, Closed During the Timeframe, Opened During the Timeframe and Currently Closed, or Was Open At Any Point In The Timeframe.

Review Cases to be Reported

Administrators should select a Report Period on this page to see the list of cases that will be transmitted to HUD. The Valid column in the list will indicate (with "Yes" or "No") if the data for each case meets HUD requirements. The list of cases can also be filtered by Legal Problem Code, Funding Code, and other fields if needed when reviewing cases. However, only the Report Period filter applies to the cases to be transmitted to HUD, so the other filters should be reset to "All" for a final review of the cases that will be transmitted to HUD.

Review Form 9902

After selecting a Report Period and clicking the "Review for this Period" button, data from the HUD Eligible cases for that period will be compiled and display the Form 9902 data that will be reported.

Transmit Data to HUD

This page displays the Report Period period selector and a Continue button. The page also displays a list of previous "runs", whether the data was valid, and whether it was transmitted successfully. Each attempted submission has a "Review" link that displays the Review Transmission page.

To start a new submission process, select a Report Period at the top of the page and click the Continue button. This will display the Review Transmission page, which provides an overview of the Number of Agency Contacts, the Number of Counselors for the period, and the Number of cases for the period.

If all data validates, the Review Transmission page will display a "View the submission in XLS format" link. Clicking that link generates a file in XLS format that can be viewed and saved on the user's computer. It will also display a “Send Data to HUD” button.

If the data does not validate, you will see a list of error messages. The message asks you to submit the errors to LegalServer, however you can determine where the errors exist based on which XML is invalid. You should try looking at the data again to verify everything is correct before sending it to LegalServer.