Configuring the HUD ARM Module

The user-facing HUD configuration steps are:

  1. Create a new HUD ARM form in LegalServer

  2. Create a new HUD ARM process in LegalServer

  3. Add the new HUD ARM process to a menu on the case profile

Note: If you already have a HUD form/process, you can use that, editing it to ensure all the required fields are on the form.

Creating the new HUD form

The HUD 9902 system will reject submissions that have errors or omissions. Please ensure the following fields are on your LegalServer HUD form. These values should be populated for every reported case:

  • HUD Form 9902 Eligible (Note: Only those marked as yes will be pulled for the report)

  • Race or HUD 9902 Race

  • Ethnicity or HUD 9902 Ethnicity

  • Gender

  • Limited English Proficiency

  • Highest Education Level or HUD 9902 Highest Education Level

  • Marital Status or Hud Arm Marital Status

  • Language or Hud Arm Language

  • HUD Counseling Method

  • HUD Counseling Category

  • HUD Results of Counseling

  • HUD Counsel Termination Reason

  • HUD Group Session Type

  • HUD Rural Area

  • HUD Grant Type

  • HUD Assistance Type

  • How did Applicant hear about . . . or Referred by (HUD)

  • AMI Category

Configuring Lookup Export Index Management

You must also configure the HUD ARM Lookup Export Index Set. You will find this under Admin > Lookup Export Index Management. Click on the HUD ARM set (the current one is HUD ARM 6). All the lookups in the set need to be configured to transform your site's lookup values to the HUD-required values. To configure them, click on the lookup. Using the gender lookup as an example:

If you have the option to “Create one new item per unassigned source value” DO NOT USE IT. If you have the option to “Show Inactive lookup items” click it.

The Export Values and Labels are configured with the HUD acceptable values for the report. DO NOT CHANGE THEM. You should add all active and inactive source values into a HUD Export value/label. Be sure that all values in your source lookup are in one of the Export labels. If not, your transmission will likely fail.

Note: This Lookup Export Index will need to be maintained over time and must be updated any time you change how you collect HUD data or HUD changes its requirements. You should review/update these export indexes each reporting period prior to running the reports or trying the transmission to HUD.

Optional Branch Logic

You may want to put the fields behind Branch Logic so that if the user does not select "Yes, this case is HUD Form 9902 Eligible", the user doesn't see the HUD ARM Data fields.