Offline LegalServer

Cost: $2,500 one time set up fee plus monthly maintenance fee based on the number of users ($50/ month for up to 50 users, $100/ month for 100 users, etc).

Required: You need an intake process built using a Guided Navigation dialogue.

Requirements for Mobile App: Your organization must have a Mobile Device Management solution enabled to ensure the data on mobile devices is safe. This is not required for using offline mode in a browser.

Offline Mode for Users

Offline Mode for Administrators

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would we use this?

Originally designed for disaster situations where staff may be going into areas with no power or internet access. Could also be useful at courts, jails, or in rural areas where there is no internet access.

No conflict check during an offline intake?

Correct, there is not because you are, by definition, not connected to the internet. When you upload your offline intakes to your site, you will have the opportunity to check conflicts before accepting the case into the system.

Financial screening is limited?

Yes. Currently an offline intake only captures household size, monthly income, and calculates the percentage of poverty. Expense and asset information may be added in the future.

Do offline intakes sync to our site as intakes or cases?

Intakes. Like other intakes, they only become cases if you accept them.