Offline Mode: Administrators

Requirements: Your organization must have a Mobile Device Management solution enabled to ensure the data on mobile devices is safe, and you'll need an intake process built using a Guided Navigation dialogue.

Mobile Device Management

The LegalServer app is only available to LegalServer clients.

For Android devices to access Offline LegalServer, you will need to create a Managed Play Console and authorize LegalServer as an app provider.

iOS instructions will be updated soon.

Device Maintenance Schedule

To maintain data securely, any device using offline mode should be kept up to date with the latest security patches and operating system updates. We recommend this be a constant and automatic effort, but at least quarterly all devices should be updated, including browsers and operating system patches.

For mobile devices, at least once per 365 days, the user will need to open the LegalServer Offline app on their device. The user should check their app version at that time and update if an update is available.

Create Guided Navigation Interview in Live Environment

An administrator will need to create a new intake process that uses guided navigation. This guided navigation process will be used to create new intakes in the offline application.

Because conflict information won’t be available without an internet connection, your offline process will be at least slightly different than your live intake process. In general, it should be shorter and simpler, since the use case is for emergency disaster intakes.

Add field elements to your guided navigation dialogue, rather than blocks, where possible. Not all blocks will work in guided navigation.

Blocks that can be placed on the Guided Navigation segment include the Basic Financial Information block and Problem Code/Special Problem Code block.

Mark Certain Processes to be Available for Offline Intakes

After creating a Guided Navigation-based intake process for offline, go to Admin-> Process Settings and select which processes should be used for offline intakes.

You can make multiple different intake processes available offline:

Test Your Offline Intake Process

If you have added an element that doesn’t work in offline mode, you may see an error as pictured below. This means you have added a block that isn’t supported in offline mode.

Offline Mode Intake Listview

Add the Offline Intakes listview to a tab on the Cases section front.

Add the 'Make available offline' block to the case profile

Add the Make available offline block to the case profile.

Inform staff of the offline -> live process

Offline intakes are treated like e-transfers and must be processed before they can be turned into matters in LegalServer.

Click the identification number to review the offline intake, then process the intake.

Monitor Syncs in the Offline Mode Sync Log

Administrators, when testing, should become familiar with the Offline Mode Sync Log, available in the Administrator console.

User Permissions

User roles you want to access offline mode will need the "Login" permission.

Explain Offline Differences to Users

Experiment with the Offline LegalServer functions to understand the differences between offline and live mode. This can easily be done in the browser by clicking 'Work offline' once the feature is enabled.

Some differences to note:

  • Other than Adding New Intakes, Offline is Largely Read-Only

  • Financial Screening Is Abbreviated

  • Conflict Checks are Not Available