Organization Phases

Purpose: To collect custom many-to-one data about an Organization.

Cost: Included in LegalServer.

This is very much like the Services (Phases) tool on cases, but instead of being tied to cases, it is tied to Organizations. Additionally, there is no static version of this, it is only available as a dynamic feature. This requires using Dynamic Organizations. If this is not enabled on your site, please file a ticket with Support.

Usage and Configuration


To be able to differentiate different types of Organization Phases, there is now an Organization Phase Type lookup. This does not have to be used, but it can be helpful in separating different types of data.

Dynamic Configuration

For high level details see Process Management - Editing Forms and Links. From Admin -> Processes, Forms, and Profiles -> Select the “Organization Phase” module. You will need to create a Phase Create Form and Process at a minimum. If you want to be able to edit the data, you will need an Phase Aux Process as well (although it could be the same form). If you want to display the data, you will also need a Profile. If you create a profile, be sure to set the Create Process followup profile field to the new profile and to add the Aux Process as a Custom Link Box item to the profile.

When you are ready to start collecting data, switch the module back to “Organizations” and then create an Aux Form and Process. You will want to put the New Organization Phase block on the form.

New Organization Phase Block Example

Note that there is no corresponding listview. If you want to display the data, you will need to use an embedded report.

Organization Phases report subtable example


If you wanted to collect multiple site data about each organization, you could have a setup like this one:

Create Form

With a singular create process. The Type here is defaulted to a lookup value and hidden. Organization Phases supports custom fields.

Create Process

Note the followup profile configured here. Depending on the order you create them in, you may need to return to edit it later.

Edit Process and Form

Then there is a corresponding Edit Site form. This could be the same form, just with both Process Types (“Organization Phase Aux” and “Organization Phase Create”) selected.


Organization Phase Profile Example

This ties everything together. The Type field is not included because updating it would cause confusion and this configuration includes one profile per type.

Organization Module Aux Form

Lastly, the configuration on the Organizations module has two parts. This example includes a branch logic toggle button to only add new records when desired.

Organization Aux Form Example

With the branch logic showing:

Branch logic example with New Organization Phase and Submit (Configurable) blocks