Payroll Leave Balance

Purpose: This module allows agencies to track leave time within the timekeeping module.

Cost: One-time fee of $2,100 to enable.

Requirements: User forms and processes must be dynamic.

Setting Up (Site Administrators)

Step 1: Setup Timekeeping Categories

Review the Admin > Lookups > Timekeeping Categories lookup list. It will typically contain the following entries:

  • Sick Leave

  • Vacation Leave

  • Personal Leave

  • Additional Leave

  • Holiday Leave

Step 2: Setup Timekeeping Activity Types Tied to the Categories

Review the Admin > Lookups > Timekeeping Activity Types lookup list. There is typically one or more activity types for each timekeeping category in use. Some categories, for example, Additional Leave, may have multiple types.

Step 3: Setup Timeslip for Leave Time

A site needs a timeslip form that captures the leave Activity Types. This is often a separate timeslip process and form called "Add Leave Time".

Step 4: Setup a User Auxiliary Process and Form to capture Default Accrual Rates for Staff

Site administrators typically create an auxiliary process, and a form with the following fields:

  • FTE Percentage

  • Cap on Accrued Sick Leave

  • Monthly Sick Leave Accrual Rate

  • Cap on Accrued Vacation Hours

  • Monthly Vacation Time Accrual Rate

  • Yearly Personal Leave Accrual Rate

Having a separate auxiliary process allows restricting access to the form to certain user roles.

You may want to display these fields on the user profile page as read-only fields for information.

Step 5: Enter User Data

Enter user data via the form created in Step 4, or whichever method has been implemented on your site.

Step 6: Add Links to Actions Menu on the Section Front

Sites with a dynamic Timekeeping section front will likely need to edit the section front and add links like "Your Leave Hours" to the Timekeeping Links element. Edit the section front then look for that element in the Side/Action Elements section.

Step 7: Adjust When Leave Time is Displayed in Net Balances

There is an option on the Admin > Timekeeping Settings page called "Limit leave balance net hours to posted time or administrative entries".

If set to "Yes", current leave balances will only reflect posted leave time (See Posting below). If set to "No", leave balances will include unposted leave timeslips.

Step 8: Adjust Reset Personal Leave Balance When Updating Balance

Also on the Admin > Timekeeping Settings page, this option determines what happens when leave time is added (posted). When set to "Yes", any previous amount of leave is replaced with the new posted amount.

Entering and Viewing Leave Time (Staff)

Users enter leave time on the appropriate timeslip. This may be via an "Add Non Client Time" link, or more commonly an "Add Leave Time" link. A typical form looks like this:

Users can view their leave balances, broken out by leave type, by going to the Actions menu on the main Timekeeping page and clicking "Your Leave Time".

Posting Timeslips and Accruing Leave Time (Fiscal Staff)

The person responsible for leave time allocations will need to periodically post time and validate that the correct number of hours were accrued by each user. The number of accrued hours can be changed at this point if needed.

Post Timeslips

Go to the Admin > Non-Posted Time page to post timeslips through the applicable period.

Post Leave Time

Go to the Admin > Post Leave Hours page to view leave taken and to add (accrue) time for the period.


The Yearly Person Accrual Cap acts as a total cap on personal leave. Enter the total number of personal leave hours a user can carry in this field.