Private Bar Referrals

Purpose: Track referrals to attorneys who pay the agency for receiving the referral.

Cost: There is no cost for this module. It requires administrator setup, as indicated below.

Recording a Referral on a Prescreen or Case

A site may have a Screening Status option on Prescreens for "Refer to Private Bar". This allows recording a referral even if an intake is not completed and a case opened.

A site may also have an Actions link on accepted cases called "Refer to Private Bar". Either link displays a page listing current users whose user profile matches the county and legal problem code of the prescreen or case.

A list of existing Private Bar Referrals on a case is typically displayed on the main profile page:

Administrator Setup

Users - An attorney must be a user to be tracked as receiving a private bar referral. These users must have the special Advocate/User Type of "Lawyer Referral Attorney". These users do not need the ability to login to an agency's site. Administrators set the type(s) on each user's profile page. See: User Accounts


  • Advocate Type - The system value "Lawyer Referral Attorney" must be active (LegalServer Staff may need to activate this).

  • Referral Statuses - The values displayed in the optional Status field when recording a private bar referral.

  • Screening Status - The system "Refer to Private Bar" value must be active if referrals from Prescreens are used (LegalServer Staff may need to activate this).

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