Services (Service Units and Phases)

This module allows recording multiple Service records on a case. Each record can have a Title, Type, Funding Code, etc.

Cost: No cost, available for all sites. If you are on an older site and do not have the Services block available to add to a matter auxiliary form, file a ticket from the site asking to have this module enabled.

NB: The original name of this module was Phases, hence the occasional reference to that term.

Related: The help page for dynamic service records. A nice example of using dynamic services for the Cannabis Expungement Project in Illinois.

User View of a Typical Auxiliary Form

End user view of the Services block and Services list view on an auxiliary case form:

Note: Closing a case also "closes" all open service/phase records by setting Closed to Yes, the End Date to the current date, and Closed By to the current user.

Admin setup

Add Values to the Service Type Lookup

Each service must be related to specific problem codes, programs, and outcomes.

Create a Process and Form to Add, Edit, and View the Services on a Case

Create an auxiliary case/matter form with the Services block and the Services list view on it.

The form can contain additional elements. The optional Add Service Document block, placed after the Services block will allow uploading a document when a service record is created.

Create an auxiliary process that calls your form.

Add the process to the Actions menu of your main profile.

General help on creating processes and forms and editing the Actions menu.


The outcomes that can be recorded on service records come from the Admin > Lookups > Outcomes list. This is a different list than Outcomes V2, which you may be familiar with for case outcomes.

Only outcomes that are configured to match the case's Problem Code and Service Type will be available when adding an outcome to a service record.

Dynamic Service Processes and Forms (Optional)

The Service block alone on a matter auxiliary form is sufficient to create service records on cases. It is, however, possible to create dynamic processes and forms for Service records.

For an example of this, please read through the Cannabis Expungement Setup documentation.