Multiple SharePoint Libraries - Admin Setup


LegalServer can support multiple SharePoint sites or libraries linked to a single LegalServer site. This will allow Agencies to choose the SharePoint Library based on the Area of Law, Office, Case Disposition, or any other factor. However, this requires a little additional configuration to work properly.


Enabling by LegalServer

LegalServer still needs a default SharePoint site and Library to use in setting up the integration. This should be shared with LegalServer via the Secure Messaging Tool before the SharePoint Integration is enabled by LegalServer's developers.

Listing SharePoint Sites and Libraries

Multiple SharePoint Sites and Libraries are configured by a new system lookup - SharePoint Site Library. Plan to include the default location in addition to any additional Sites or Libraries you want to have available.

The name will be viewed in the actual lookup field on your site, so make sure it is descriptive. Both Site Path and Library path should start with a forward slash ("/"). All SharePoint Libraries should be within the same Microsoft Domain/Tenant (i.e. all the URLs start with To figure out what part of the URL goes into the Site Path versus the Library Path, consider the following example - The green part is the Microsoft Tenant and not used in the lookup. The teal part is the Site Path and the red part is the Library Path. Finally, the orange part is also not used.

Organizations need not share anything beyond the default SharePoint Site and Library with LegalServer to activate the integration. If you only wish to have one library, the default is enabled by the LegalServer Developer without needing to modify this lookup. If you want the ability to use multiple libraries/sites, you'll need to also add your default library to this list to be able to save there in addition to other places.

Create SharePoint Folder

The SharePoint - Create Case Folder block will now have the ability to "Set SharePoint Site and Library". If left as "No", the lookup is not shown and the folder will be created on the default SharePoint Site and Library (the block will show the library and site paths as read-only text for reference). If you say "Yes", you'll have a lookup to select which location should the library create the folder in.

This lookup is setting the new system field of "SharePoint Folder Site and Library" that saves the location of the SharePoint Folder on the specific case file. The block will only set this new system field the first time it is run. If the system field is already filled out, you will need to change the field outside of the SharePoint - Create Case Folder block. This field can be set before the SharePoint - Create Case Folder block is run the first time. This field controls where the SharePoint Documents block looks for the folder. If it is blank, then it will look in the default location. If it is filled out, then that is location the listview will look. Regardless of what is configured on the SharePoint Documents block, it will look at the library set by this field if it is set.

The SharePoint - Create Case Folder block must be configured to select the same library as the system field or no new folder will be created in the intended Library. Submitting a version that does not have it set will create a folder in the other location instead (or in addition).

Switching/Moving the SharePoint Folder

This requires two steps.

    1. Move the folder from within SharePoint. Do not rename the folder itself. At this point, the SharePoint Documents block will show that the Case Folder no longer exists.

    2. Change the value for "SharePoint Folder Site and Library" field from the old location to the new location. This can happen via Branch Logic, Defaults, or manually. There is no need to re-run the SharePoint - Create Case Folder block. Now the SharePoint Documents block will show the folder again and any files that were in it.

Configuration Suggestions

One option is to have a process with the new SharePoint Folder Site and Library field as the toggle field for branch logic. On each branch logic form you have the SharePoint - Create Case Folder block set with the destination library.

Another option is to have separate Auxiliary forms and Processes for each destination location.

Known Issues

    • RESOLVED on Demo 1/28/2021, Live on 2/5/2021 - The Create Sharepoint Folder will run even if hidden by unselected Branch Logic.