SMS - Preset Messages and Multiple Language Support

Purpose: The Preset/Multilingual SMS tool expands on the existing SMS functionality. It allows users to create stock preset messages to schedule and send to clients. It also allows users to create preset messages in three languages of choice. The preset messages that are available on a case will default to the client’s language recorded in their case record.

This feature incorporates the Calendar, Cases, and Activities modules to allow for messaging ahead of events, deadlines or task due dates entered into LegalServer on a case in either the calendar or activities modules.

Status: Beta testing.

Cost: TBD


Create a message preset

Click the SMS tab to open the main SMS page. Select the Preset Messages & Translations tab.

Type the English version of your message in the Message Text box.

Select the Translation Language from the drop-down list.

Type the Translated version in the Translation Text box.

Once you press continue, the Preset message will be saved in the listview below.

The system currently allows for storing preset messages in 3 languages.

Send a preset message

Sending a preset message directly from a Case:

Access your SMS form from your Actions menu on a case.

Select the Preset Message from the dropdown list. The message language will default to the client’s primary language, if set, but will be editable by the user. (Note: You can send a message in any language by typing it directly into the text box.)

Schedule messages from Events, Deadlines, or Task Due Dates entered in the Calendar or Activities Module

When the user checks the “Schedule Reminder” box on an Event, Deadline or Task, there is an option to Send SMS reminder to Client.

When the user selects “yes” to Send SMS Reminder to Client, it will allow them to select which message to send, or to add a custom message, and will send based on the selected “date to send.”

The preset message here will only return those messages with the corresponding event type assigned in the Preset section. The language for SMS will default to the client’s primary language, but can be changed on the event itself.

Sending Bulk Messages

This process allows users to use the preset SMS and send them out to multiple clients at once as a bulk action.

The form below allows the user to select the message, language, SMS and to schedule the sending with the aid of a date calculator.

The form below allows the user to user to select the recipients of the message based on a variety of criteria.

The form below allows the user to review the information before scheduling the message to send.