Translated Messages

Purpose: Users can create and send preset messages in three languages of choice.


Requires: SMS Text Messaging and Multiple Languages Support

Create a message preset and translate

Click the SMS tab to open the main SMS page. Select the Preset Messages & Translations tab.

Type the English version of your message in the Message Text box.

Select the Translation Language from the drop-down list.

Type the Translated version in the Translation Text box.

Once you press continue, the Preset message will be saved in the listview below.

The system currently allows for storing preset messages in 3 languages.

Send a preset message

Sending a preset message directly from a Case:

Access your SMS form from your Actions menu on a case.

Select the Preset Message from the dropdown list. The message language will default to the client’s primary language, if set, but will be editable by the user. (Note: You can send a message in any language by typing it directly into the text box.)

Users can also schedule a message to be sent later.