Outreach records are a place to store information that does not fit in the context of cases/matters.

Sites use the outreach module to record information for a variety of purposes:

  • Presentations given in the community, optionally including counts of attendees and number of brochures distributed.

  • Clinics held.

  • LITC outreach and education.

  • Topic specific records, for example Identity Theft

  • Advocacy and Lobbying

  • CLEs given, optionally recording the names of attendees, CLE credit given.

Outreach records can have notes, timeslips, contacts, events, tasks, deadlines, documents, and links to cases.

The outreach module is dynamic, meaning site administrators control the processes, forms, and profiles, just as they can with cases/matters. Just as a site can have multiple intake processes for cases/matters, a site can have multiple outreach create processes (and optionally multiple profile pages) for different types of records.

Some sites refer to Outreach as Other Matters or Non-Client Matters, and change the text of the top level navigation tab accordingly.

The list of brochures is maintained on the Admin > Brochures page.

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