Affiliating a Pro Bono Advocate with an Organization

You can associate (or affiliate) a Pro Bono Advocate with an organization by following these steps:

  • Click on the Pro Bono Advocate's name to view the individual's profile.

  • Under the Actions menu, select Add Organization Affiliation. (In the classic version, Actions links appear under Options on the right side of the screen.)

In the Organization Affiliation form, you can select an organization, the Pro Bono Advocate's position with the organization, and set start and end dates.

If this Pro Bono Advocate worked on a case during the time period of the affiliation with this organization, the case will be tied to the organization.

When you add a new organization affiliation to a Pro Bono Advocate who is already affiliated with an organization, the start date with the new organization will become the end date for the previous one.


If Bind Work Address to Organization was set to "Yes" during the creation of this Pro Bono Advocate, LegalServer will automatically use the affiliated organization's address as the Pro Bono Advocate's work address.

You can change this setting by selecting Edit Contact Information from the Actions menu on the Pro Bono Advocate's profile. (In the classic version, you will find this link under the Options menu).