Pro Bono Mentors

LegalServer provides several options for finding and assigning mentors to cases; more experienced volunteers that will help less experienced volunteers on cases.

The method used typically depends on the size of the pro bono panel, availability of staff time to maintain the pro bono user profiles, and whether the organization wants to run granular reports on mentoring.

1. Use the Recommend Pro Bono Attorney notes on user profiles to add something like "Available as a mentor". Simple to setup, but very manual when you are scanning the Recommend page on a case.

2. Create a "Mentor" value in the Level of Expertise lookup. Use the Expertise feature for your pro bono users. You can filter the Recommend page on a case by this field.

3. Create a "Mentor" value in the Advocate/User Type lookup. Create/edit pro bono users with the "Pro Bono" advocate/user type as usual, but for mentors also select the Mentor type. The list on the Recommend page can be filtered by Advocate/User type.

4. If you do #3, you can also, optionally, create a separate "Recommend Mentor" auxiliary process for cases and default the recommend list to showing the Mentor advocate/user type instead of the default Pro Bono advocate/user type.

Not strictly related to finding mentors, but tracking them, if desired: Create a "Mentor" value in the Assignment Type lookup. When assigning a pro bono user to a case, change the assignment type from the default "Pro Bono" to "Mentor".