Pro Bono Restricted Access Role

This special user role is designed to allow pro bono users to login to LegalServer but significantly restrict what they can do. This means they can only see their home page, can only see cases on their home page that staff has assigned them to, and can only perform a limited number of actions on those cases.

Users assigned to this role do not see the top level navigation tabs or other page elements like the Search menu.

With the flexibility provided by user role permissions, per role permissions on dynamic processes and profiles, and restricting cases by program and/or office, administrators may be able to create a role that provides more options than this special role, while still appropriately restricting a group of users.

User Role Settings

Administrators should review the Admin / User Role (Permissions) page for this role.

The only required permission for this role is "Login".

Other user role permissions to consider granting:

  • Add Client Time

  • Add Time to Closed Cases

  • Edit Funding Code on Pending Cases

  • Edit Funding Code for Case Timekeeping

  • Edit Funding Code for Non-client Timekeeping

  • Edit Funding Code for Outreach Timekeeping

  • Top Navigation Bar - Show My Assignments Link

All Navigation Tabs boxes are usually unchecked except for Home.


The best way to determine if this role is appropriate is to create a dummy user account, assign it to this role, then login under that account. You can login as yourself in another browser and flip back and forth as you are testing this role.

Dynamic Processes and Profiles

Administrators need to check the Main Profile on the Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles page. This role may have permission set to NONE. Change it to Full so these users can view cases they can access.

Permission on a dynamic home page will also need to be set unless your site is still using a static home page.

By default, all dynamic auxiliary processes will have "NONE" in this role's permission setting. For example, most sites have a dynamic Add Case Note process. A user in this role will not see that link unless an administrator edits the process and gives the role Full permission. Change the permission on each dynamic process these users should see links for.