Recommending Pro Bono Advocates for Case Assignments

When Pro Bono Advocates are added to your system, it is possible to add information about the their practice areas (i.e., special problem codes), geographic location, etc. that LegalServer uses to recommend Pro Bono Advocates for cases based on how well the case matches up with the information in their profiles. You can find these recommendations and assign advocates to cases by following these steps:

  • Open the case profile by clicking on the Matter/Case ID# in the Cases listview.

  • Under the Actions menu, click Recommend Pro Bono/Other User. (In the classic version, Actions links appear under Options on the right side of the screen.)

  • Depending on your system configuration, the next screen will contain either two or three listviews stacked vertically:

    • Referral Attempts: This listview will only be present if your system administrator has enabled this feature in your system. For instructions on using this feature, see Tracking Pro Bono Advocate Assignment Attempts.

    • ProBono Users: This listview displays all of the Pro Bono Advocates in your system whose profile information matches this case. You can assign this case to one of the advocates in this list by clicking Assign on the right side of the screen and completing the assignment form and any others that follow it, which will vary depending on your system configuration.

      • If there are no Pro Bono Advocates listed (or too many), you can expand or narrow your results by clicking on Show/Hide Filters, changing the filters, and clicking Filter at the bottom right of the filters menu to change the contents of the ProBono Users list. The screenshot below highlights some of the filters you can choose from:

    • Assignments: This listview displays all of the current assignments for this case.

      • You can also filter the contents of this list using Show/Hide Filters.

      • To edit or delete an assignment from this case, click Edit and change the fields in the Assignment Profile form or click Delete this assignment in the bottom right corner of the form to remove the assignment altogether.