Staff Liaisons for Volunteer Relationship Management

Staff Liaisons can be setup as part of a volunteer relationship management system (VRM). In a typical setup, a staff user is designated as the liaison for one or more pro bono users.

The block and list views needed for this setup are included in all sites. Nothing needs to be enabled by PSTI and there is no cost.

The example here is a specific implementation of the general ability to associate users and contacts in LegalServer. See the User/Contact Associations block for more information.

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Viewing and Editing Staff Liaison Information

In this example, "Admin Admin" is a staff user acting as liaison for pro bono users "Test Test" and "Test User2."

The site administrator has added a list on user profiles showing who the current user is a liaison for. Admin Admin sees this on her user profile:

The site administrator has added another list showing the associations in the other direction. Looking at Test Test's profile, we see that he is managed by Admin Admin, as well as Legalserver Staff:

Finally, the site administrator has added a list to the home page showing the case assignments for pro bono users the user is managing.

Editing staff liaison information is generally done by an Actions menu link when looking at a user profile. The site administrator picks the label, common examples being "Staff Liaison" or "User Associations".

Administrative Setup

Site administrators implement this feature by editing a dynamic user profile and adding the desired list views, creating an auxiliary form and process, and adding the process link to the user profile Actions menu.

The "User Contact Associations" list view (first screenshot above) shows the users the current user is responsible for. Adding the header "This User is Responsible For the Following People" header is optional, but recommended.

The "User Responsible For User (Staff Liaison)" list view (second screenshot above) shows who is managing the current user. Adding the header "This User is Managed by the Following People" is optional, but recommended.

The Volunteer Assignments list shown above is the "Recommended Pro Bono Users" list view configured with "Advocate/User Type" as "Current User" and "Association Type" set to "Staff Liaison".

The auxiliary form to edit this information needs the User/Contact Associations block. Optionally add the User Contact Associations list view to display all users already linked to that Staff User.