Reports and Graphs on Home Pages and Section Fronts

There are three blocks that allow reports or graphs to be displayed on a dynamic home page or section front.

The first two blocks are generally only used on a home page. The Report Part block can also be useful on section fronts, for example on a Cases section front to display a list of matters filtered in a way that is not available via a list view element.

Note: Permissions on reports do not apply to reports displayed by these blocks. Even if a user cannot run a report on the main Reports page because their role does not have permission to view, they will be able to see the report contents on their home page.


The Graph block can display several 'canned' graphs, for example:

Select the desired graph in the block configuration, and optionally check the box to limit the data to the Active User, meaning the user viewing their home page.

Cases By Problem Code Category By Year, Grouped by Month

This block has no configuration options. It displays the following graph:

Report Part Block

The Report Part block embeds a report into a home page, section front, etc. It can display tabular data from a report, or additional displays like summations, crosstabs, and graphs if they exist on the report.

NB: Embedded reports display without regard to "Roles Allowed to View" set in the report. In other words, even if the person's user role does not have permission to run a report from the Reports page, they can see whatever information from that report is embedded by this block.

NB2: An embedded report must run each time it is displayed. We highly recommend having strict filters on embedded reports so your users don't need to wait more than one or two seconds. On home pages and section fronts, consider putting embedded reports on a tab that is not the first one in a row. Otherwise, the report will need to run every time they view their home page.

This configuration:

Would produce this output: