Address Search

Purpose: Provide a Search menu link to search addresses, and optional buttons to search an existing client address on a case.

Status: This feature is in beta testing. Pricing and availability have not been set. It must be enabled by LegalServer staff.

Cost: To be determined.

Feature Overview

Adds a Search menu > Address (Partial Fields) search link.

Adds optional "Search this Address" buttons to the Address, Adverse Party, and Family Information blocks. Must be enabled by a site administrator in each block.

Adds an optional "Matches address?" column to conflict search results. Must be enabled by a site administrator.

Addresses searched: The current primary home address of clients, family members/non-adverse parties, and adverse parties. Client mailing addresses are not search, nor is client address history if a site is using that feature.

NB: No more than 5,000 results will be returned.

Search by Geocoded Addresses

For sites that have the GIS module enabled, an additional Search menu link is provided. Search > Address (Geocode).

In addition, the buttons that can be enabled in the Address, etc. blocks can be configured to use the geocode search instead of the text-based partial fields search.

Search results display a "Distance in Meters" column instead of a "Quality of Match" column (see screenshot below).

Search results can only return geocoded addresses. Addresses entered before the GIS module was enabled will not be included unless they have been geocoded. See the GIS module link above for information on having existing addresses geocoded.


Popup window after clicking Search > Address (Partial Fields) from the search menu:

Partial screenshot of results of the above search. The results are split into two images to show that the fifth result is matching on the adverse party's address:

Search button enabled on a case profile:

Search button enabled on an intake or auxiliary form when entering an address: