Add Case Note Block

Displays the fields needed to create a case note and optionally upload files.

If configured, allow the note (and any uploaded files) to be emailed.

NB: Demo sites will only send emails to Administrators. This applies in other places as well.

If configured, allow creating a a timeslip.

Older sites: If an auxiliary form and process is created to replace the builtin "Add case note" link, the "Show Static Case Note Link On Case Profiles" on the Admin > Process Settings page should be set to "No".

NB2: Whether the Date Posted is editable when creating a case note is controlled by "Allow The Post Date of Notes To Be Edited When Creating New Ones" on the Admin > Site Settings page.

Configuration Options:

* Allow in E-Transfers Default - only applies to sites with E-Transfers enabled

* Allow Send as Message button - uses the internal Message feature

* Show Save Draft / Note button - only recommended for slow, erratic internet connections

* Size of notes field - the default size of the body of the note

* Allow Note to be Emailed

* Configuration options for the text appended to an email

Allow Adding Time

If you want to let people enter time while adding a note, choose one of the following options:

Allow Attaching Timeslips

Displays a built-in "mini-form" on the page with some limited configuration options:

* Timeslip Creation Process to Bind To: Pick your case timeslip process

* Show Activity Type

* Default Activity Type

* Show Activity Code

* Default Activity Code

* Require Adding Time (added 3/30/2018)

* Show PAI Time

* Default PAI Time


Show Save and Add Timeslip Button

This option will display a button on the add case note form. Clicking it will save the case note, then load the selected timeslip form.

This option lets you full advantage of your dynamic case timeslip form. You are not limited to the options provided by the mini-form of the Allow Attaching Timeslips option.

If you want to require a timeslip with this option, disable the Continue button on the auxiliary form, leaving users no choice but to click your shiny "add time" button.

Avoiding Two Case Notes with the Timeslip Button Option

A site's existing case timeslip form likely has the Confidential Notes block enabled (often relabeled to "Case Note"). That allows entering a timeslip on a case and creating a case note. Fair enough, but using the Timeslip Button option in the Add Case Note block will result in a second "case note", which is likely not desired and could potentially confuse people.

Avoid this problem by creating a copy of the case timeslip process and form in Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles.

Add a new Timekeeping Create Form:

* Suggested name "Add Case TIme from Case Note".

* Choose to create a new process.

* Add the same elements as your existing case timeslip form, but do not include the Confidential Notes block.

Now you can return to the form with the Add Case Note block on it, and select your new "Add Case Time from Case Note" process.