Associate Cases With Outreach Block

Displays a search-and-select style field to select cases. Any case already associated with the outreach is listed above the search field with a "Remove" link.

If a case is associated with an outreach, the outreach will appear on the case's list of associated outreaches.

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Configuration options

These configuration options will do the following:

    • Search by client date of birth: Allows the user to search for a case based on the client's name, case number, or the client's birth date.

    • Show DOB in search results: Displays the Date of Birth for clients linked to the Outreach.

    • Hide recent clients sidebar: Hides the list of recent client's that appears in the sidebar when this block is used.

    • Filter searches by office: Limits cases that appear to ones where the Intake Office matches the Office on the Outreach record.

    • Custom text for the search box label: Allows you to replace the default text "Cases Associated With Outreach".

    • Custom help text: Allows you to replace the default text "Search for cases by case number or client name".