Case Note List Block

Displays all the case notes entered on a case/matter in a list style. If a note body contains a lot of text, the body is collapsed and a clickable triangle icon expands the display to show all the text for that note.

An alternate way to display case notes: Case Notes block (<- this page contains screenshots of both styles of case notes if you are curious)

Of possible interest: Restricted Notes on Cases and Social Service Notes on Cases.

Configuration Options

  • Show Linked Timeslip for Service Notes (case notes created from timeslips)

  • Show Duration of Service Notes (again, timeslips)

  • Default value for note type filter

  • Show Note Body as Expanded Initially

  • (If Case Bundles is enabled) Default value for Exclude Bundle Notes Filter (new as of 2022-06-24)

  • Default value for note type filter (multi-select list of note types)