Case Status Block

Displays the fields needed to add or edit an entry in the Case Status history of a case. "Case Status" values are defined in Admin > Lookups.

Case Status is also a field on matters. The field element can be used on forms, instead of this block, but using the field element does not create a row in the case status history log, or create a case note, like the block does.

Related: The clickable case status element in a case Snapshot may be a static process on older sites. If you don't see the word "dynamic" in the URL after clicking case status, it is static. You can have that link use a dynamic process and form if desired. Create an auxiliary form with this block on it, and an auxiliary process to call that form. Then edit the Snapshot New element and pick the auxiliary process you created.

Related: Case Status History (for Editing) block.

Configuration Options

  • Show Due Date

  • Default Due Date to Today

  • Show "Change Case Notes" Header

  • Show Note

  • Allow Note to be Sent as Message

  • Allow Note to be Emailed

  • Options to change the subject and 'signature' text if an email is sent.

  • Default Case Status selector (new as of 2022-05-20)

  • Limit by Legal Problem Code (new as of 2022-12-30). Limits the dropdown list to Case Status values that have been associated with the case's LPC in the Case Status lookup list.